Thursday, May 10, 2012

Emotion-Focused Therapy Level 2 Workshop Series for 2012-13

Facilitated by Robert Elliott & Colleagues
Professor of Counselling, University of Strathclyde

Six Friday-Saturday Sessions, 9.30-16.30:
9-10 November 2012; 8-9 February 2013; 3-4 May 2013
John Anderson Campus (Glasgow City Centre)
University Of Strathclyde
 (Sponsored by HASS Research & Knowledge Exchange,
University of Strathclyde)

The Counselling Unit at the University of Strathclyde is offering further training in Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) for counsellors and psychotherapists (Diploma level or above) who have completed Level One training in EFT.  This series has been restructured from its previous format and will now follow a schedule of three two-day Friday-Saturday sessions spread over the 2012-13 academic year, beginning in November.  The format will be a mixture of brief lectures, videos or demonstrations, experiential practice exercises in small groups, supervision of cases seen by course members, and discussion.

The specific topics to be covered will feature material not covered in the Level 1 course, including
·      Therapist experiential response modes
·      Client case formulation and modes of engagement
·      Relational Dialogue for Alliance difficulties
·      Creation of Meaning for meaning protests

In addition, the Focusing and different forms of Chairwork will be particularly emphasized:
·      Focusing with difficult or painful experiences
·      Clearing a Space for overwhelming or chaotic experiences
·      Two chair enactment for Self-interruption splits
·      Two chair conflict split work for depression and self-damaging behaviour
·      Compassionate Self-soothing for painful self states
·      Empty chair work for unfinished business

This series is scheduled for the following dates:

Autumn 2012:
9-10 November

Winter-Spring 2013:
8-9 February
3-4 May

  • Enrolment is set for a minimum of 15, with variable staffing to accommodate up to 30. 

  • The course could be taken for continuing professional education credit.

Please direct enquiries and requests for applications to HASS Research & Knowledge Exchange, Jan Bissett (, 0141 548 3418).