Monday, August 01, 2016

How Much EFT Training do I Need to Begin Using EFT Methods in My Practice?

People sometimes ask me about what kinds of Emotion-Focused Therapy training are offered at the University of Strathclyde and what they do can with different levels of EFT training.   This is of course a matter of degree:
(1) EFT level 1 (4 days) provides an overview of EFT theory and practice and an introduction to the key therapeutic tasks.  Most people find this enough to begin experimenting with EFT tasks, although folks without previous systematic empathy training are more likely to find this frustrating.  At Strathclyde the training group usually consists of 20-30 participants.
(2) Advanced Empathic Attunement (3 days) is a new training now required for folks who want to go on to EFT level 2 and who don't have a previous training in a Person-Centered or other humanistic psychotherapy or counselling.  This provides lots of skill practice in the EFT empathy micro-skills that underlie the more complex EFT tasks, which we hope will mean that they will be much more likely to be successful in continuing to develop proficiency and not get stuck or discouraged. (n = 15 - 30 participants)
(3) EFT level 2 (3 X 2 = 6 days) provides a comprehensive training in the wide range of EFT tasks, and is focused on examining blocks to practice and putting EFT into practice with a wide range of client populations.  It's delivered in 3 X 2 day workshops, which are spaced over the course of an academic year Oct/Nov to May, with lots of skill practice. This completes the basic workshop training in EFT; with the addition of 5 hours of EFT supervision of own practice in either individual or group format it meets criteria for EFT Level A recognition: Completion of Basic EFT Training. (n = 15 - 30 participants)
(4) EFT level 3 consists of 6-7 X 1-day group supervision sessions over the course of a year and is focused on developing proficiency in EFT.  This can be repeated and is where participants really begin to develop proficiency in EFT.  (n = 12 participants)
(5) EFT individual supervision: 16 hours of individual or group EFT supervision of own practice by an approved EFT supervisor is required for Level B recognition: Completion of EFT Supervised Practice.