Thursday, December 21, 2006

Back to Toledo

Entry for 20 December 2006 (Toledo):

It has been beautiful here in Toledo since we arrived, crisp but clear and sunny, which looks even better after 5 weeks of Scottish rain. We are enjoying having two more hours of sun per day than Scotland is currently getting. We have been spending much of our time sorting out the accumulated piles of mail that needs attention, doing some Christmas shopping, continuing to replace my stolen identification and bank cards, and waiting for our kids to show up.

Tonight they arrived, and we had a fine time fixing dinner, eating and joking together, including a low-key belated birthday celebration for Diane and Kenneth, followed by a session playing tennis and bowling on Brendan’s new Wii (pronounced "wee") game system, in which each person has a motion-sensitive remote controller that you use as a tennis racket, bowling ball, etc. As I write this, I hear their voices downstairs, frequently rising in laughter. Over the past months, I have missed the sense of community we have together; this makes it all the more lovely now.

Curiously, the small remote control unit is referred to as a "Wii controller", which in fact it is. Now we have yet another homonym for /we/: we, wee, whee!, wii...

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