Friday, January 26, 2007

Giving Directions

Entry for 26 January 2007:

A characteristic sight in Glasgow is a stranger being offered (without having to ask for) directions to some place. All you have to do is to pull out a map in a public place, and people will of their own accord come up and offer help.

Last Sunday, as we left church and began walking up the wee lane behind it, we passed an asian-looking woman who was being given directions to somewhere in the West End. After this interaction was over and the woman had hurried away, I turned around and said to them: “That’s what I like about Glasgow: Giving directions to strangers”.

Then, yesterday, a landmark occurred: A Glasgow native stopped and asked us for directions, in this case, to Gartnavel Hospital – and we were able to help them on to their destination! Both Diane and the native, a woman with a small child, each noted and commented on the incongruity of the circumstance: An American visitor stopping to give a native directions. A delicious moment!

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