Friday, February 15, 2008

Mid-February Notes

Entry for 15 February, 2008:

1. At the end of January, we peeked at my schedule for February and discovered that I was scheduled to work every weekend. This was clearly Too Much, so when the folks in Leeds emailed me to ask if I wanted to go ahead with my two-day EFT workshop there because of relatively low enrollment, I asked them to cancel it. I am now enjoying the two days (plus travel) that this freed up, and we were able to invite friends from our Church for dinner tonight, an Australia couple and a Norwegian couple. (We had a lovely time, with great conversation and a special Australian-Norwegian playlist I whipped just for them.) I was also able to begin to get on top of my email, and we are planning a Saturday Adventure to Edinburgh for tomorrow. So now I am making a small space for a bit of a blog.

2. For the past week, the long period of rain and high winds has died out, and most days have been sunny but cold (at least for Glasgow), around freezing. With reprieve from the rain and the lengthening days (we’re already up to 9.5 hours of daylight), I have been taking my bike into work, enjoying the light system I had installed last Fall. The cool, crisp air makes for nice riding.

3. I’ve had a large pile of papers to mark. (Note: we don’t “grade” papers in the UK; we “mark” them, a phrase I’ve never really understood.) It got so bad, that I had to give up writing my blog. I’ve finally got through the Counselling Psychology research proposals, but now have to turn to Diploma course marking and various other pieces of work I owe people. Still, this feels like a enough progress to be able to write a wee bit: hence, this entry.

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