Monday, March 10, 2008

March Snow in Scotland

Entry for 3 March 2008:

We awoke this morning to find snow on the cars along our street. After I got warmed up, I went out for an early morning run. The snow had started again, large, wet flakes blowing into my face. There was little or no accumulation on the ground in Hyndland, but as I climbed Clevedon Hill, I could feel it under my feet, and I had to take care descending the steep slope toward the canal.

The snow came and went all morning, at times quite thick, blowing nearly horizontally. It flocked the spruce outside our kitchen window, and generally proved to be a picturesque counterpoint to the warm smell of Diane’s brownies baking in the oven.

Now I’m on the 12.49 out of Glasgow Central, bound for London, and we are passing by white fields and snow covered trees, powdery in the midday sun, already at least 3 inches deep. No doubt Glasgow is still mostly free of snow cover, but out here in the country it’s a different story altogether.

* * *

By Carlisle, the snow is gone, the sun shining on the old city walls, but can still be seen in the distance after we’ve left the town. Now, in Cumbria, the mountains are dusted with white above the green valleys.

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