Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Saturday in Glasgow

Entry for 19 April 2008:

It’s been windy and cool but mostly dry this week, with the wind unusually out of the east for the past couple of days, producing unexpected drafts, such as the one that led Nikky, one of our secretaries, to tape the bottom of the window by her desk with bubble wrap. This is turning out to be a classic Scottish weather pattern: high pressure holding off the rain, but bringing cold winds with it.

After managing to get 9 hours of sleep last night, I went out for a 7-mile run along the canal, this morning, making it as far as the British Waterway operations central, which is almost to Speirs wharf, north of the city centre. It’s been months since I’ve managed to work up to this distance, my life has been so crazy, and it felt good to finally get back to this level.

Today’s Saturday Adventure turned out to be Retail Therapy: We set off for Staples looking for a filing cabinet, and ended up at the IKEA in Braehead, which was mobbed with people taking advantage of their 21% off 21st birthday sale. No suitable filing cabinets there either, but we found blue bolster covers for our guest bed, after a year of looking for them to come back into stock.

I’m in transition in my job, having decided a couple of weeks ago that I would no longer “follow other people onto the train.” This has been highly stressful and difficult, as various relationships and commitments have had to be and are still being renegotiated, but it has been liberating. The result of this is a process of taking stock of what my priorities are. For example, it’s become clear to me that one of those priorities has become the Research Clinic, which is now producing really nice therapy and lovely data. It certainly needs continued efforts to realize its potential and improve its operations, but enough of its promise is already being realized to see what a wonderful thing it is. A Saturday – even a cold, windy one -- provides the working distance to see this more clearly.

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