Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Training Opportunities for Process-Experiential/Emotion-Focused Therapies in the UK

Entry for 13 June 2008:

A couple weeks ago Andy Hill, one of the abstractors for the Humanistic-Person-Centred-Experiential (HPCE) therapies Expert Reference Group, sent me the following email. He has given me permission to reprint his message:

Dear Robert

Checked out your blog which gives a pretty good account of our ramblings. I was reminded of an issue which struck me when scoping some of the manuals. The problem with taking an evidence-based approach to anything is that it usually points up a research-practice gap. One of the difficulties in implementing the NICE guidelines for depression was that CBT is not widely-practised in UK and there are relatively few training programmes. On the ground person-centred-humanistic-integrative practice is much more widespread. The same kind of gap is opening up with our HPCE framework with the PE end of the spectrum holding the evidence but the classical side having ascendancy in practice and training. In terms of implementing an HPCE framework where would people go in UK to train in PE? I've been here a few years and I wouldn't know where to start.

Best Wishes

Here is my reply:


Good question!

Right now the options would be:
1. Do my summer EFT-1 training in Galsgow (4 days intensive)
2. Do Les Greenberg's Summer Emotions Institutite in Toronto (EFT levels 1 - 3)
3. Learn it in bits and pieces by doing Focusing training (e.g., at U of East Anglia) and Gestalt training (various places)
4. Do a course in humanistic-integrative therapy and specialize in integrating the person-centred, gestalt and focusing bits that make of PE-EFT


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