Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mid-September Update

Entry for 11 September 2009:

We’ve been back in Scotland for two weeks and a bit, a busy time catching up from our holiday, picking up loose pieces, of work, email, clients, admin, medical appointments, friends, manuscripts, and so on. In this early September time, things have seemed to hover, a busy calm before the intensity of courses beginning and the usual run of business as usual. Changes are afoot in the University, for the coming year, on top of the changes already set in motion, and with it some sense of unsettledness and uncertainty. For now, I’ve been enjoying the feeling of relative calm amid the busyness.

Part of this is that I’ve cut back on some of my teaching: much less evening teaching and somewhat less teaching on the Diploma course. Some of this (EFT-2) has been shifted to Saturdays, which will mean that some Saturday Adventures will need to become Sunday Adventures. Perhaps after three years I’m finally learning how to get a better balance in my job? We shall see…

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