Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Gloaming

Entry for 20 December 2009:

The Gloaming is commonly defined as the time of day after the sun sets and before it becomes completely dark (also the symmetrical time in the morning before sunrise). Scotland is famous for its gloaming, a poetic and romantic time. The gloaming in Scotland is longest near the two solstices, about an hour on each end of the day. So while we watched the daylight shrink to a couple minutes less than 7 hours this week, the relatively clear weather (up until yesterday, that is) gave us generous amounts of gloaming. In the evening the sky shades gradually to midnight blue; in the morning we wake up at 8am to the half light, on weekends laying in bed to savour it. A small but noticeable compensation for the short days of the Dark Time, and something worth learning to appreciate, it now seems to me.

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