Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday in Glasgow

Entry for 22 April , 2011:

Good Friday and Easter Monday are “bank holidays” in Scotland and the UK, making a four-day weekend, a time for family gatherings, driving places or just hanging out. Not that many people go to church anymore, so it’s more of a secular than a religious holiday for most.

After a late night out, got of up late this morning. Brisk start to a lovely Scottish Spring day: Ran 100% of my standard canal-river kelvin 5k+ course today for the first time since my surgery last September. Time 30:26. It's taken me months to carefully work up to this, but it feels good to finally be there.

Then a quick late breakfast and a walk down Great Western Road: Trees in blossom, pink and white, just starting to leaf out. People out in droves, many in short sleeves, enjoying the sun and 15C Good Friday weather, in a festive mood, almost bemused to be out on a nice day, without work or Saturday errands.

Our destination: St Mary's 3-hr Good Friday Devotions service, filled with moving readings and sermons and powerful music. I'm left with Peter Jones' modern Hebraic-flavored version of the ancient Good Friday Reproaches ("O my people, what have I done to you? How have I hurt you?") stuck in my head. Also: Graham Maule's hymn setting of Isaiah to Burns's Ae Fond Kiss ("Who would ever have believed it?") brought tears; Cedric's sermon observations on Pontius Pilate and the muddled (mis)use of power: and Kelvin's poetic, poignant story of a sale bin spotted in Camden Market: "Gods: 3 for £5", and his invocation of the Buddha's "Life is suffering" as an appropriate commentary for Good Friday. (If you're interested, check his blog:

An emotionally draining experience, which has left me finally ready for Easter.

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Glengarry said...

Dearest Robert Elliot,

I have been led to you. And after reading your recent transcripts I feel a connection to you as I am progressing on my own spiritual journey. Lots of mystyrious and miraculous things have happened to me recently and I am searching for something or more specifically someone. Well actually it is both.

I am up late (or early - depends on how you look at it) because I could not sleep and your name was in my head. So I looked for you and tried to make the connection. Well you may not be the connection I was imagining but I know you are certainly a connection I was meant to make. My thoughts that led me to you were my questions about my Grandma's secret lover but whether you are linked in anyway is now less important for me, and I feel I need to know you anyway, regardless.

I have so much to tell you. I can hear how special Margaret was to you, I think that is lovely. I want to share something with you which I felt compelled to write late (or early as the case may well have been) a few nights ago. It was 30 April 2011 and it was for my family.

Speaking Truth
by Wendy Hayne on Sunday, May 1, 2011 at 2:53am
It makes me sad to think that often we don’t speak about what is truly important until it is too late. We don’t tell people how grateful we are for them or tell them we love them or tell them what it is that we admire most in them. Usually, it’s at the funeral or a wake or in the last few minutes if we are lucky…. That is why now I will always try and show, and tell, people how and why I value them. Today I will start with my family. And I want not only them to know it, but also the world. That is why I am posting it here on facebook.
My brother is the bravest most courageous person I know and I admire him with all of my heart for his ability to accept what is and so much more. I have learnt a lot from him. I am glad to have such fond memories of growing up together, and now, he is a man of truly great character and integrity and warmth and charisma who gives so much of himself to others.
I love and admire my Mum and Dad for all they have given to us and for the depth of their generosity, compassion, forgiveness and love. I thank them for their strength and support and guidance and I credit them for giving me such a kind brother and a beautiful sister. I also acknowledge their differences and love Dad for his quirkiness and outgoing personality and I love Mum for her commitment and dedication to the things she believes in which has always been us – her family. I admire Mum’s “there is no mountain too big for me to climb” attitude! There is a lot of both Mum AND Dad in me – funnily I have only just begun to see it.
My sister is also brave and courageous and full of love. I feel more connected to her in a kind of subconscious way – I know she will know what this means – I feel much closer to her than when we were kids and I know I am only just beginning to truly know her. I have always admired her and loved her and we have great fun when we are together. I miss her and look forward to the next time we get to hang out – even if it is on skype.
My partner is the kindest, most humble, generous and principled man I know. I admire him in so many ways. His best qualities are his integrity and kindness and his ability to appreciate the little things. I have learnt so much from him and know my life is richer from knowing and loving him. We share our joys with each other and I enjoy life together with him because I see so much more when I am with him.
Please don’t ‘comment’ on this, just take action in whatever way this note may inspire you, if it doesn’t I will pray for you.

...Perhaps it was written on 1 May, but it feels to me as if I wrote it on the 30th April - perhaps it was something to do with being in a diferent hemisphere... I don't know.

Thank you for listening. I know you will find me if you want to.

Love Wendy