Sunday, October 23, 2011

Riding a Coo through the Scottish Highlands

The next day after I posted The Sunset Run poem blog entry, I was trying to tell a couple of my Scottish colleagues about it.  I said, "After I got home, I went for a run and then wrote a haiku."
"What?, they said.
I repeated, "I wrote a haiku."
"You know, a Japanese poem."
"Oh!," they said.  "You mean, a 'hai-queue?'  We thought you were riding on top of a high coo [=cow]!" 

I was left with an image of the famous picture of Buddha riding the ox...

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Bettina said...

Dear Robert Elliott!

From time to time I visit your blog. This morning (a cold sunny blue-sky autumn morning in Austria) I read your Coo-Story which whiped a smile on my face. (I LOVE cows as well as Haikus)

Your 9/11 story brought tears to my eyes. And it goes with the fact that I'm reading a book about the Arabian Revolution 2011, written by a German-Arabian journalist who supports the reader understanding the persons as persons (and not as "Islamists" etc.)

Thank you for sharing your stories and poems!


p.s. I'm sure you don't remember me - we met at the WAPCEPC conference in Norwich 2008 and afterwards in the train back home we had a short encounter