Thursday, March 14, 2013

Glasgow Airport 5am

Entry for 14 March 2014:

Up at 3.30am after 4 hours of sleep.  Finish packing, make lunch, take out rubbish.  Out the door at 4.30.  The taxi drops me off at 4.45.  Past security by 5am, most of the shops are just opening, setting out signs and restocking. 

As I pass through the main lounge for international flights, I’m startled to learned that a new pope has been elected: Francis!  My first reaction: What would my mother think of this?  A pope named after her favourite saint!  What would the saint himself think of this?  Is it an oxymoron to have a pope take the name of the patron saint of humility and otherworldliness?  Or is it a hopeful sign?

My gate hasn’t been announced but I head for Gate 28, and sure enough, the cabin crew are sitting around looking bored, while the only KLM jet at Glasgow Airport waits outside at the end of the jetway.

I’m off to Veldhoven again, to start another round of EFT Level 2 training there.  I’m in the New Dispensation:  I’ve brought almost all of the EFT training I run into the University of Strathclyde’s economy, and I’m delighted to have it as part of my official job now.  It might be 5am at Glasgow Airport, but I’m on the clock and pleased to be looking forward to three days of intensive training!

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