Monday, July 03, 2017

Emotion-Focused Therapy: Level 2 [New 9-Day model] 2017-18 Training Series

Three Modules, 9.30-17.00:
16-18 Nov 2017; 19-21 March 2018; 17-19 May 2018 [Revised dates]
Venue:  University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

Facilitated by Professor Robert Elliott and Lorna Carrick

University of Strathclyde

The Counselling Unit at the University of Strathclyde is excited to offer an innovative, restructured and enhanced Level 2 training in Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) for counsellors and psychotherapists (Diploma level or above) who have completed Level One training in EFT.  This nine–day series consists of three separate three-day modules, spread over the 2017-2018 academic year to allow participants to begin to implement EFT in their client work. This intensive training is broader and more in-depth than EFT level 1 or the previous EFT level 2, in particular adding training in the specialised empathy skills required to carry out EFT.  The format will be a mixture of brief lectures, videos or demonstrations, experiential practice exercises in small groups, and discussion.

Module A: Advanced Empathic Attunement & EFT (Thurs – Sat, 16-19 Nov 2017)
Day 1: Accessing Empathic Resonance; Evocative Empathy and Empathic Affirmation
Day 2: Exploratory Empathy and Empathic Conjecture
Day 3: Rapidly engaging clients & establishing presence; Empathy & Chairwork

Module B: EFT Fundamentals (Mon – Weds, 19-21 March 2018)
Day 4: EFT Therapist Response Modes; Focusing & EFT
Day 5: The Five Dimensions of EFT Client Case formulation; Alliance Ruptures
Day 6: Two-Chair work & self-critical splits in Depression

Module C: Advanced Methods in EFT (Thurs –Sat, 17-19 May 2018) [Revised dates]
Day 7: Narrative Work in EFT:
Systematic Evocative Unfolding, Creation of Meaning, & Narrative Retelling
Day 8: Advanced Two Chair Work: Self-Interruption & Motivational conflicts
Day 9: Empty Chair work; Compassionate Self-soothing

Enrolment is set for a minimum of 15, with variable staffing to accommodate up to 30.  The course could be taken for continuing professional education credit.  This course is part of Level A Completion of Basic EFT Training, recognised by the International Society for Emotion-Focused Therapy (ISEFT)
Whole Series Package Cost: Regular: £845; Early bird: £795 (by 15 Oct 2017);
Per Module Cost: Regular: £345; Early bird: £295 (prior to 30 days before each module)
In order to keep costs to a minimum, catering is not included in these costs
Please send a non-returnable deposit of £50.00 to secure a place if not paying the whole fee at time of booking. Online booking and payments can be made at the following link:
Contact: or 0141-444 8415 for further information on this training, the facilitators, ways of applying for this course or other APT events

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