Monday, September 04, 2006

Day 3: First day of work at the Counselling Unit

This was written 1 Sept 2006.

Today was my first day at work, but it felt rather disorganized. I did get into my office, but had to use the janitor's master key. My office has a desk, a computer and two chairs in it so far. This is a start, I reckon. I spent most of the trying to get my computer to work the way I want it to. I was told I have to use a new email address here, whose interface I don't like, and which doesn't have automatic forwarding ("you can forward messages individually if you like," the IT person said helpfully...). But I at least figured out how to download them into Netscape Communicator. And I got my iTunes music files (5000+ of them, with playlists intact) imported. This took much of the day, but one has to have priorities! Finally,I got Firefox working, complete with bookmarks. Monday, we'll see about the key and actually getting some work done.
There are a million things going on here at the Counselling Unit, but it feels like they are all zipping past me, while I stand here somewhat dazed and confused. I don't think this is the jet lag. I think there really are a million things going on here. I guess we can call it Counselling Unit lag. I think it will take me somewhat longer to get over the Counselling Unit lag...
Diane has been somewhat more productive, although she would never admit it: She got us a landline. She was finally able to deposit the £5000 check we've been carrying around for more than two months, but it's going to take them 10 days to clear the check because it's drawn on a London bank. This at least is progress, and it means that other things will be able to move forward also. Next week we will be able to order internet service, because apparently we have to wait several days after getting our phone activated (don't ask me why...). This too is progress.
Tonight we're going over to Helen and Mick's for dinner, with some other colleagues. I'm looking forward to this.

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