Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Day 6: Running through Molasses

Entry written on 4 Sept 2006

After a really good weekend exploring and meeting up with people, we seem to have stalled out today. True, I did finally get a phone in my office, but I’m still using the janitor’s key, and neither Diane nor I seemed to be able to get any traction on the work we have to do. Everything seems difficult: The lightbulbs are the wrong denomination, the bags don’t fit the kitchen rubbish bin, the phone company insists we can’t even apply for broadband until the end of this week (this begins to sound like the bank all over again!). It’s like one of those nightmares where you are trying to escape from something or save someone but it feels like running through molasses.

It turns out that the thing that is making us most crazy and paralyzed is the lack of internet access at home. True, I have it at work, but Diane has reached the point where she can’t get anything else done without having access to her email and web resources. Tomorrow we’ll both go in to the University and see what we can get accomplished that way. I hope to get some writing done one of these days... but probably not tomorrow!

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