Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saturday Scenes in the West End

Entry for 17 March 2007:

The day started out nice, with signs of spring. As I reached the canal, I noticed that the daffodils were out. They are still working on the canal at the Maryhill locks, so I was forced to make a wide detour before rejoining it just before it crosses Maryhill Road. There were more runners out than usual. As I continued past the junction, on the portion that leads to Spiers Wharf, I passed various canal boats dredging the muck out of the canal (spring canal cleaning?). Then, passing Partick Thistle Stadium, I heard, faintly on the wind, the sound of a drum and fife band practicing “The Star of County Down”. I turned around just before getting to Spiers Wharf, but on a whim decided to try to find the church I had seen last week on the top of the hill. I did find it, but got mixed up on the other side of the hill and ended up running down the River Kelvin from near Queen Margaret Drive, instead of up it, and finally came up on the far side of Kelvinbridge. This made for an interesting but long run, back along Great Western, dodging people out on a nice Saturday morning. As I returned, I saw more flowers out in Hyndland. I carelessly told myself that spring was finally here.

In the afternoon the rain came in. Now the wind is howling and I am waiting for the snow. So much for spring! That’s March in Scotland… Diane is in California, where it’s around 70F and sunny. It least it’s good weather for working here.

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