Sunday, May 27, 2007

Scenes from Pentecost Sunday at St. Mary’s

Entry for 27 May 2007:

1. I rode my bicycle to St. Mary’s for the first time, following my usual walking route done Great Western Road. I’m not very happy with the route, which involved stopping to go up and down curbs and riding in traffic on Great Western Road. Even riding slowly, it still only takes 10 min.

2. We are given small candles as we enter; what are these for? Oh, there’s a baptism and it’s Pentecost (tongues of fire etc. During the Baptism, I watch the woman in standing in front of me spend most of the time making sure that her inquisitive but somewhat unfocused 3 year son doesn’t burn himself or one of the adults standing around him. I identify with the mother’s desire to allow her son to experience the flame while still making sure no one catches fire!

3. After communion, the Choir sings James MacMillan’s piece, A New Song. I’ve now heard it 4-5 times (I picked up a recording of it a few weeks back), but this time I listen more analytically really enjoying the way the voices of choir slide around in melismas, and the pause toward the end of the vocal section.

4. After the service, Franny and I begin a discussion of her idea for starting some kind of growth group at the church. We agree in principle that we would like to do this together.

5. After church, I talk to girl who looks to be about 10 and who is reading Terry Pratchett’s Montrous Regiment. We have fun discussing Pratchett and I tell her about Vernor Vinge’s references, in his recent book Rainbows End, to Terry Pratchett as a major entertainment brand 15 years from now. She thinks that sounds pretty cool.

6. Overhearing me asking about bicycle routes, a youngish-looking university student named Miriam takes me on a better bicycle route back to Hyndland. We are doing fine until it begins to rain. The route is great, but we are soaked by the time we get to our destinations.

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