Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mitchell Library

Entry for 11 October 2008:

Today was a lovely, though cool, day in Glasgow. After a heavy week of teaching and rain, it was a relief to be able to get up this morning and do a 10-mile run along the canals in the morning sunshine. For this week's Saturday Adventure, Diane and I visited the Mitchell Library, an imposing structure on edge of the city Centre, which we’d walked past many times without going in. We spent most of our time in then Glasgow Collection, a room full of a really nice collection of books, graphics, maps etc on Glasgow, among their other collections. In an obscure corner of the Library we stumbled upon a room full of the most marvellous puppets from all over the world, piled cheek by jowl next to each other. Magical! A return visit will make a lovely outing for some future rainy Saturday.

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