Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Research Clinic Marks 100th Client

Entry for 21 October 2008:

This afternoon Brian proudly announced that research clinic had logged its 100th client: Since its first client contact last November, the Strathclyde Centre for Counselling & Psychotherapy has been contacted by 100 prospective clients.

Almost all of these clients have received telephone screenings; most have received intake screenings in one of our two research protocols; dozens have begun counselling; and a growing number have finished counselling. We now have a waiting list, which is a mixed blessing, but indicates the research clinic is clearly meeting a community need. We have logged several hundred sessions and sponsored three masters level dissertations by Counselling Psychology students (HSCED studies). As well as providing valuable training and practice opportunities for students and professional-level counsellors, as well as mental health services for folks from the Glasgow area, the research clinic is a research collective: That is, students and professionals contribute data as counsellors and researchers, and can then draw on the data set for their own research. As the the data archive builds, a wider variety of research projects becomes possible.

We are now interviewing the second cohort of students seeking placements in the research clinic. We are looking forward to seeing our 2nd hundred clients!

For more information, see the research clinic’s website:

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