Monday, January 28, 2013

Escape from the CU-Thole Mythos (For Brian Rodgers)

Note: Brian Rodgers has worked in various capacities with the Counselling Unit for many years; he is leaving shortly to take a teaching position at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.  Last Saturday we had a going-away party for him and his family; it was also Australia Day, Brian's birthday, and the day after Burns' NightI wrote this for him for that occasion.  Although we'll keep in touch about various continuing projects, I will miss him very much in many ways. 

Perhaps it is some strange fate
That draws you to the opposite end of the world,
Reversing the journey of your ancestors,
To take a wee course.

Thirteen years later,
You wake up:  You are going grey,
Have a PhD and a family.
What has happened?

Its the terrible power
Of the CU-Thole Mythos

Maybe you thought I said Cthulu:
Invention of the American weird
Fiction writer HP Lovecraft:
Incomprehensible, ancient, alien god,
Sleeping under the South Pacific,
not far from New Zealand.

No.  Thats the other one.
This ones worse:
Its C-U, for Counselling Unit, pronounced Cuh;
Plus thole, the Scots word for endure or tolerate,
As in Rabbie Burns poem, To a mouse:
To thole the winter's sleety dribble:

So that gives us: CU-thole Mythos,
The power that's kept you here,
Year after year,
The power that makes you not just willing
But eager to endure:
Long hours,
Mixed messages,
Endless processing,
Everyones IT needs,
And "winter's sleety dribble"
... All year round.

But now you've got your chance
To escape to a paradoxical place:
Queensland, far to the south,
In the Deep North;
Australia's Day is Scotland's night.

Will you be able to make it out
Of the gravity well
Of the CU-thole Mythos,
Finally reaching escape velocity?

Or will you escape
Only to find that you've brought
The whole CU-Thole Mythos
Along with you
In your head?  

                        -Robert Elliott, 26 Jan 2013

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