Thursday, January 31, 2013

St. Brigid's Eve 2013

Tonight is St. Brigid's Eve, the night that marks the transition from Celtic Winter to Celtic Spring.  For many years it has been my custom to phone or email my mom to wish her a happy St. Brigid's Eve, and to discuss whether one should put out milk for the faery folk as used to be done in Ireland, and marvel at those times when the boundary between worlds is thinner than usual. 

Well, my mom is on the other side of that boundary this year, so I will take this opportunity to wish her and all my extended family and friends well.  Be careful, all those of you who are out there on the edges of things tonight! (That probably includes me working this late.)  Also, don't accept rides from mysterious horse back riders tonight... you never know what might happen... And remember: The days are already noticeably longer here in the upper reaches of the Northern Hemisphere.  Somewhere, Thornton Burgess (writer of nature-centred children's books) wrote: "If winter's here, spring can't be far behind." Be well.

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