Friday, October 05, 2007

Nice weather, dead washers, and NRES

Entry for 5 October:

Another week! From the vantage of Friday evening, it seems mostly like a blur at the moment, but we had a lovely visit with Katka, depositing her at Prestwick airport last night. Afterwards, Diane and I rode back through the dark autumn evening, pleased with the pleasant, cool weather. The rain had cleared out by yesterday morning, and today was lovely also. We’ll take it one day at a time for now.

The washing machine gave up the ghost this week, so Diane is looking at the Which? website, but it is a frustrating process, because they just don’t make washing machines here like they do in America. We continue to have a hard time getting our heads around 2 hour wash cycles and tiny loads. Fortunately, we don’t have children at home, but we are wondering if our supply of clean clothes will hold out until the landlord gets around to replacing the defunct machine.

The big shock of the week was finding out that we can’t even leave copies of our 1000 brochures on the Social Anxiety project in GP surgery waiting rooms without going through the arduous NHS ethics review process, now known as NRES (National Research Ethics Service). This, it turns out, involves a totally different set of forms and information that the University ethics process. If we’d known, we could have done this months ago, or even, in fact, in place of the University ethics review process; now we are reduced to putting up posters at supermarkets and libraries for the next two months or more while the NHS ethics process grinds forward. Still, it’s past time for us to get up to speed with this, so I have dug into the form, which is on-line, and managed to get through the first (and hopefully most difficult) seven pages of what turns out to be a 45-page form. Onward!

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