Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Rain Returns but fails to dampen our spirits

Entry for 3 October:

The rain returned today, breaking the equinoctial spell of uncharacteristically clear and sunny weather we’ve been having for the past couple of weeks. Katka, whom we visited only 10 days ago in Dublin, is in Glasgow for a couple of days of training, so we went out to Amber Regent for a lovely meal (mixed appetisers, crispy aromatic lamb wrapped in a thin pancake/crepe; crispy duck with pineapple). Afterwards, we all got soaking wet walking her back to her hotel, in spite of coats and umbrella (only 1 between the three of us – maybe that was part of the problem!). Back home to the comfort of our flat, happy, somehow, with the pleasure of the connections that tie us all together.

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